Samsung achieved its Galaxy S24 sales target for Q1 2024

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Samsung may have achieved its Galaxy S24 sales target for the first quarter. Reports say it aimed to sell about 13 million units of the new flagships by the end of March 2024. The latest market estimate from research firm Canalys reveals it sold 13.5 million units of the flagship trio in Q1. The report doesn’t provide a breakdown of the sales percentage of each model, however.

Samsung reaps benefits of early Galaxy S24 launch with strong sales

Samsung launched the Galaxy S24 series in mid-January, a few weeks earlier than the Galaxy S23 series last year. It immediately opened pre-orders in most markets and enjoyed tremendous success. The new flagships saw a high demand during the pre-order period, breaking years-long records in some markets. The early demand was so high that Samsung revised its sales target just a week after the market release of the phones.

It originally aimed to sell 12 million units of the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra combined in the first quarter, i.e., by the end of March. However, the company raised the target to 13 million units in early February. It surpassed the revised target, Canalys reports. The firm states that Samsung’s flagship sales in the first quarter of 2024 jumped 35% year-on-year (YoY) compared to the Galaxy S23 series.

“The pull factor from Galaxy AI, the large scale of retail points elevating the customer experience, and a better time-to-market strategy, drove the strong performance of the Galaxy S24,” said Sanyam Chaurasia, a senior analyst at Canalys. AI features are already proving to be a key factor for new smartphone buyers. A survey showed that 27% of Australian Galaxy S24 buyers chose the new Samsung flagship for AI features.

While Canalys doesn’t give us the market share of each Galaxy S24 model, the Ultra should be the crowd favorite. If history is any indication, it might account for almost half of all Galaxy S24 sales globally. It has been like this in recent years. The base model should be the next most-selling model in the lineup. We might come across a more detailed report on Q1 2024 Galaxy S24 sales in the coming weeks.

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Samsung has already achieved almost 40% of its annual target

Samsung reportedly aims to sell around 35 million Galaxy S24 phones in 2024, a double-digit growth over Galaxy S23 sales last year. With 13.5 million shipments in the first quarter, the company has already achieved almost 40% of its annual target. It remains to be seen if the Korean firm can maintain a sustained demand for the new flagships throughout the year. The next generation of iPhones is still several months away.

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