Samsung AI will generate customized summaries, patent reveals

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Samsung has just disclosed a patent for an AI that will summarize documents. It will tailor these summaries according to learned behavior. Tech_Reve, famous for their leaks and breaking news on X, talked about Samsung’s patent. This move shows Samsung’s continued interest in dominating the AI tools market. Following Galaxy AI in its newest Galaxy phones, this document summarizing AI will be yet another tool in the company’s arsenal.

Samsung AI will output custom summaries

The patent for this feature talks of an AI tool that will read user inputs and provide related documents to the user. It can also read documents and output a summary. This output can be customized according to a user’s commands. For example, if the user tells the AI to provide a short and skeptical summary, the summary will be drafted as such. Other than that, the AI will make summaries of documents according to the user’s interests in the absence of direct instructions.

These interests include a user’s political beliefs, preferences, browsing history, and “knowledge levels”. Conjecture dictates this might also include what the AI has learned from analyzing a user’s emails and texts. The patent was filed on February 29, 2024. According to the South Korean site ChosunBiz, this feature might be available on new Samsung products going forward. This includes the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6, which is still yet to release.


Implications of customized summaries

Though it would be kind of irresponsible for Samsung to do so, it does appear this new feature might further the societal divide. The AI isn’t out yet, of course, so it can’t be said for certain just how it would work. But if the patent is taken at face value, this feature will trap people even further in their echo chambers.

Politically charged folk often have a habit of staying within their social media circles. This is usually done by design on many social media platforms. It keeps users enraged and coming back for more, resulting in more ad revenue. Staying in these echo chambers, people miss out on alternate worldviews and other news sources for current events.

An AI that outputs customized summaries will only further this behavior. The fact that it takes a user’s political beliefs into account is somewhat concerning. If every summary is designed to appease a user and is thus biased, there will be a lot more societal infighting going forward. It remains to be seen how precisely Samsung rolls this out, and how it combats the potential dangers of such a technology.

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