Samsung could cancel the cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6

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Over the past couple of years, we’ve had a solid idea of Samsung’s foldable phone launch strategy. The company usually launches a Z Fold and a Z Flip. However, this year threw us all for a loop with rumors of an Ultra foldable and a more affordable model. Well, the latter may not come to be. According to a new report, Samsung may cancel the cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6.

Rumors pointed to Samsung expanding its line of foldable devices this year with different variations of the core models. One thing that had people excited was a potentially cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6. This would bring this nearly $2,000 phone down to a more reasonable price point with an appropriate amount of compromises.

According to the Elec, the cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6 wouldn’t be compatible with the S Pen, which may not be a bummer for most people using their device. Also, the device wouldn’t be particularly thin. One thing that the report said was that it would still go through the 200,000-fold test and probably have some sort of water and dust resistance. However, we’re uncertain about the dust resistance, as not even Samsung’s premium foldable phones have dust resistance.

However, Samsung could cancel the cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6

While a more affordable book-style foldable phone from Samsung would be great, it appears that the company is having second thoughts. The Elec reports that Samsung may shelf this project.

It reports that a lack of differentiating factors between the cheaper and more expensive models is one reason why the company could reconsider. Also, the report points to “uncertainty in the business situation” as another reason.

Another source, reputable leaker Revegnus, outright stated that it’s canceled. So, this is bad news for people looking to get their hands on a more affordable Galaxy Z Fold 6.

While this news is unfortunate, it appears that Samsung’s plans for cheaper foldables aren’t completely extinguished. The report also states that Samsung could launch a more affordable Galaxy Z Flip 7 next year. At this point, this information has not been officially confirmed. So anything could change between now and Samsung’s next unpacked event.

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