Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 series may get a big redesign and AI

Galaxy Buds FE 7

After a few years, Samsung would finally bring a redesign to its next Galaxy Buds 3 series. The company would also focus on improving call quality and integrating AI-powered features.

So far, all Galaxy Buds have used a similar design language. They are in-ear headphones with a chunky “core” that includes all the components, without a stem. They are designed to offer better comfort and fit. The model that moved the furthest from this, but not too far, were the Galaxy Buds Live. This one offered a bean-like look without in-ear tips, which made them even more comfortable. They were even ideal for going to bed with them without waking up with discomfort in your ears.

The Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro could bring a new design

That said, according to Cho Sun, the Galaxy Buds 3 series will hit the market with a notable redesign. The new look will arrive accompanied by better active noise cancellation (ANC) and call quality. However, the report does not include details on what Samsung’s next generation of TWS earbuds could look like.

Taking into account that one of Samsung’s goals is to improve call quality and ANC, there is a possibility that it will integrate a stem for the first time in its earphone series. The inclusion of a stem would allow the microphones to be brought closer to your mouth, which, in theory, would help capture your voice better. This type of design also allows for more comfortable playback controls and features, since there is a larger area to slide/swipe on.

Potential AI-powered features support

The report also claims that the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 series will include AI-powered features. For example, the company could integrate live translation support. This will probably work in conjunction with the Live Translate feature of the Galaxy AI suite. In turn, this will help boost the company’s product ecosystem.

Samsung is said to hold a launch event in July. According to Evan Blass (@evleaks), the company will launch the Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro along with devices such as the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6.

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