Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Book4 Edge

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We’ve been following leaks and rumors about the upcoming Galaxy Book4 computers. Well, amid these leaks and rumors, Samsung just unveiled the Galaxy Book4 Edge computers, and they come with some powerful specs along with powerful AI.

It’s been about a year and a half since the launch of Samsung’s previous computers. The Galaxy Book3 series had some of the most powerful computers on the market, but this year, we’re expecting a few more goodies. We recently got word that Samsung could possibly bundle the Galaxy Book4 with a Galaxy Tab S9 FE. We don’t know if this promotion is real, and we don’t know what regions it will be available in. However, if Samsung is bundling these devices, it will be a heck of a deal.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Book4 Edge

With the next Galaxy Unpacked event coming up, we expected Samsung to unveil its new Galaxy Book series during that event. However, it seems as if Samsung wanted to let one slip by early. In a short and sweet 2-minute-long video, Samsung officially announced its Galaxy Book4 Edge. This is going to be an extremely premium computer running very powerful software and hardware. However, and this should surprise no one, the company put heavy emphasis on AI technology.

Samsung announced that the Galaxy Book4 Edge will not only come with Copilot integrated, but it will also have Galaxy AI. It will be using hybrid AI which will combine both on-device and cloud-based AI models. This, ostensibly, will make for a much smoother AI experience.

Along with that, we see the dedicated copilot button on the keyboard. This points to Microsoft’s commitment to making all future Windows computers AI-centric.

Powering this computer, we will have the 12-course Snapdragon X Elite SoC. Companies making ARM-based processors have been struggling to reach the power that Apple’s M2 chips have been able to achieve. If this chip, coupled with 16GB of RAM, can create a powerful Galaxy experience, then maybe there’s hope for Windows on ARM.

Price and availability

The Galaxy Book4 Edge will officially launch beginning June 18th. The base 14-inch model will cost $1,349.99, the 16-inch model will cost $1,449.99, and the highest tier 16-inch model with 1TB of storage will cost $1,749.99.

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