Say goodbye to dead batteries with this Anker Power Bank for $90

anker 737 battery pack

If there’s one thing that can really toss a wrench into your plans for the day it’s having the devices you use most on a daily basis die on you because the battery was too low, which is why this deal on the Anker 737 power bank is such a good deal. The Anker 737 Power Bank normally retails for $150 but you can currently pick it up for just $90 instead, so you end up saving $60!

This is a 24,000mAh power bank so it has plenty of juice to charge up your phone multiple times. Or, you could use it to keep all of your devices topped up throughout the day. It has multiple ports so you could charge more than one device simultaneously, too. With 24,000mAh it should also be able to last you more than a couple of days depending on how long you leave devices plugged in. There are three total ports — two USB-C and one USB-A. This is enough to charge your phone, laptop, and earbuds/headphones, or smartwatch as needed.

Keep in mind though that you could use this for anything. For example, I use my power bank to keep my Nintendo Switch OLED or Steam Deck topped up. A nice little feature you get here is the LCD screen. You won’t see this on a lot of other power banks either. This little screen will show you how much battery life the power bank has so you know when the power bank itself needs to be charged up again. It also shows the power output of each port being used.

One thing worth keeping in mind is which port you plug stuff into. The USB-A port has a max output of 18W. So you’d be able to use this port for phones, smartwatches, and earbuds. Laptops and bigger devices like the Switch or Steam Deck are another story. Luckily, the two USB-C ports have an output of 140W. So each of those is enough to sustain the power of those devices and laptops, plus gradually charge them too.

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