See the Rabbit R1 in action in this demo video

Rabbit R1 feature

Not too long ago, we got information about an Innovative AI device called the Rabbit R1. This is a mobile device that will use AI to be your personal assistant. Rather than using software and applications to perform tasks, it will seamlessly contact AI models in the cloud to perform them. We just got a demo of the Rabbit R1, and it shows that this device will be rather Snappy.

The Rabbit R1 has been circulating a fair bit recently since its announcement. This is a personal assistant that you carry around with you.  If you want to perform tasks, you simply have to talk to it like you would a chatbot. It will then perform these tasks by contacting AI models in the cloud. If you want it to answer questions, book a flight to a different country, etc., it will be able to do it. So far, we don’t know too many of the capabilities of this device, but that remains to be seen.

A new Rabbit R1 demo just showed off the device’s note-taking capabilities

We just got our first glimpse of the Rabbit R1 in action, and it looks like it’s going to be a pretty useful pocket assistant. In the demo, Rabbit CEO Jesse Lyu gave us a sneak peek of what this little device can do. In a nearly 2-minute-long video, he showed us how easy it is to use the Rabbit R1 as a note-taking device. You simply have to activate the assistant and ask it to record a note. It will then begin recording. What was impressive was the speed at which the recorder started recording. It was lightning quick.

From there, we saw that the recording was saved and stored within a Cloud Server.  You’re quickly able to access the saved recording by going to the website. There, you can listen to the recording and download it.

That was only one small example of what this little device can do. We’re all excited to see what else it will be able to do in the near future.

If you’re excited about the Rabbit R1, you can place your pre-order today. This device is going to retail at $199 when it launches. The $199 price tag is a lot more reasonable than the $699 price tag of the AI Pin. Both of these devices strive to do the same thing, knock the smartphone out of your hand and replace it with an AI-powered assistant.

The future

That dream seems very far-fetched, as these devices are missing a key aspect of a mobile device, a user interface. Sure, you’ll be able to access all sorts of functionalities by using your voice, but not all situations are suitable for speaking to your device.

Another thing to know is being able to interact with files and media on your device is also a boon. You’re able to access the recording made by the Rabbit R1 on your Internet-connected computer. that’s great, but, that’s not as convenient as being able to save, rename, edit, and share the recording by using a simple app interface.

That’s the only one of the potential issues that devices like these will run into. Creating an appless world will be rather difficult, as there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of app developers out there. Getting rid of apps will get rid of millions of jobs from millions of companies and dev studios around the world.

In any case, we have no idea what the future holds for devices like these. For all we know, in a year’s time, the smartphone might look very different from what it looks like today, and it might be more rabbit-shaped.

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