Score the Pixel Watch 2 at $330 for a limited time only!

Google Pixel Watch 2 AH 14

Amazon is currently offering a deal on Google’s Pixel Watch 2 that brings the price down by a considerable amount. This is also a limited-time deal so it won’t be around for too long. Considering today is Google I/O day, this is the perfect deal to highlight all of the cool and smart things that this watch is capable of.

Normally this watch would cost you $400 at its full retail price. However, you can pick it up right now for just $330. This is the lowest price it’s ever been and it’s exactly the same price as Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 Classic deal from May 13. The Pixel Watch 2 has been down to this price before but its average price is around $372. So this really is a deal that’s worth it if you need a smartwatch upgrade. Maybe this is your first smartwatch, and you just got a Pixel phone. This is the perfect smartwatch to pair with it. Whatever the case, this is a great smartwatch and it’s loaded with useful features to make the most of your day.

One of my absolute favorite features that the Pixel Watch 2 is capable of is using the Google Maps app for navigation. This is relatively new as features on Wear OS go. It’s just handy to have in your back pocket if you’re visiting a new city and walking around, or out cycling and exploring a new ride route. You just ask Google for directions and the navigation pulls up right on your wrist. In fact, using this while riding a bike is perhaps one of the best use cases. Because unless you have a phone mount, your phone is probably in your pocket. And it’s not convenient to stop and look at directions all the time. So, you can use this watch.

The Pixel Watch 2 also supports Google Wallet payments and Google Assistant. It also has 24/7 heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, and some really nice safety features like SOS. Plus, it tracks all kinds of different sports activities.

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