Shopify has a new AI image editor, and sellers will love it

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If you’re a person selling products on the internet, then you know the issue with creating convincing product images. Shopify knows your plight, and it has a new tool to help you out. The new Shopify AI image editor will help you give your product images and professional look without much effort.

When you are selling a product, you need to be sure that the product image looks professional. This can be very tough, as many products are shot in expensive studios with multi-hundred or multi-thousand dollar cameras. However, the small-time entrepreneur will not have access to these things. Most people just have their iPhones and their bedrooms.

So, this presents a dilemma. Many people decide whether or not to check out a product based on the product’s image. If the image looks unprofessional, the potential buyer would think that the company is unprofessional.

Shopify announces a new AI image editor to help make your product images look more professional

Any person who navigates any e-commerce platform like Amazon is likely to see some over-the-top and visually appealing product images. Well, a lot of the time, there was a lot of money thrown around for expensive equipment and Photoshop. However, not everyone has access to all of these. This is where the Shopify AI image editor comes in. This is a tool you can use to augment your existing product image using AI technology.

You’ll upload an image of your product, and suggest certain edits that can be made to it. For example, if you have a picture of a pair of headphones, and you want to look like they are in the sky, you can upload the image and ask the AI to generate a background of the sky. Just like other image generators, this tool has different visual styles that it can create your image in. We’re also pretty sure that the AI will reconstruct the image from the ground up so that it better fits into the background.

This could be a great tool for people who want to have extravagant backgrounds for the images but who don’t have the funds to make it happen. If you want to try out these free AI features, you can start your free Shopify trial. There are other powerful AI tools that Shopify introduced last year, so you can check them out as well.

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