Some users are getting grainy displays on their Galaxy S24 units

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Samsung didn’t bring too many new additions to the Galaxy S24 series. However, it appears that Samsung brought some new display issues to this Galaxy S Series. Along with reports of the Galaxy S24 displays being washed out and reports of the Galaxy S24 Ultra showing green lines, there’s a new report pointing to a new display issue. Apparently, Galaxy S24 units are coming with grainy displays.

As for the washed-out display issue, Samsung announced that it’s going to address this issue in a new update. Right now, we’re not quite sure when this update is going to come, but we know that Samsung was going to bring a vibrance slider that will allow you to adjust how saturated the colors are. This will give you more control over the color saturation than what we saw with previous Galaxy devices. On older Galaxy devices, you can only switch between Natural and Vivid modes.

The Galaxy S24 is coming with grainy displays

Many people are reporting this issue, but we’re not quite sure how widespread it is. It doesn’t seem to be affecting every display, as the Galaxy S24+ (Review) we have at Android Headlines doesn’t have a graining display. However, this is still an issue that needs to be addressed.

According to the initial report from Redditor u/odeloeht, when looking at dark gray backgrounds (the gray in the report has the hex code #333333), they saw visible grain as the screen was struggling to maintain a consistent brightness level. After looking through a powerful microscope at their Galaxy S24 Ultra display, they were to spot some inconsistent brightness across the sub-pixels of the phone’s display. This was most evident while looking at dark gray colors with the display down to 10%. At 30%, it wasn’t quite as noticeable, and it was nearly impossible to see at 50%. So, the issue isn’t consistent throughout all brightnesses.

Thankfully, you’re not likely to be looking at your screen at 10% brightness throughout most parts of the day. Also, this points to a very specific shade of gray. In any case, it’s still unfortunate to see this. Samsung is the display company, adding some of the most gorgeous displays to its phones. So, it’s unfortunate to see Samsung phones having so many display issues.

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