Sonos Ace headphones with magnetic cushions leaked alongside pricing

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The eagerly awaited Sonos Ace wireless headphones, with magnetic cushions, have leaked online before their official launch. These on-ear muffler-style headphones would compete with Apple AirPods Max and other premium wireless audio gear, the leaked pricing indicates.

Sonos Ace wireless headphones specifications, features leaked

Sonos has been readying an ultra-premium pair of on-ear wireless headphones, called Ace, with soft, magnetic cushions. According to The Verge, Sonos strongly believes it has, “developed active noise cancellation and transparency modes that can rival the best of the best.”

The Sonos Ace will connect to devices over Bluetooth, presumably v5.3. These wireless headphones may support “AptX Lossless” to reduce latency while delivering high-fidelity sound. The headphones should also be compatible with both Android and iOS devices when listening on mobile.

The Ace headphones reportedly have “Dynamic Head Tracking”. This feature will be useful when a user is listening to spatial audio content. Needless to say, music services that support this feature, and content with spatial audio, aren’t abundant right now.

The Sonos Ace will support Dolby Atmos home theater content, the leaked specifications indicate. Additionally, these headphones will support TV sound passthrough. However, listeners will need a Sonos soundbar for this feature to work.

On-ear detection sensors will pause music whenever the wearer removes the Sonos Ace headphones. Additionally, an included 3.5mm and USB-C cables will offer wired, lossless audio.

The upcoming headphones will have detachable magnetic ear cushions. These should work similarly to the ones on the Apple AirPods Max, which means changing ear cushions would be a very simple and quick task. The price of the replacement ear cushions isn’t known yet.

The leaked specifications mention that these wireless headphones should work for 30 hours before needing a recharge. Incidentally, even the Sony 1000XM5 wireless earbuds claim to have a similar battery endurance.

Sonos parts dealer accidentally reveals pricing of Ace wireless headphones

Authorized Sonos parts dealer Schuurman reportedly published the promotional images for the Sonos Ace headphones. These images confirm a premium build.

These headphones may have been built with lots of metal for durability. However, some audiophiles have indicated that Sonos may have opted for multiple materials in the construction to keep the weight low.

The Schuurman website briefly carried the images of the Sonos Ace and even indicated they would carry a price tag of €403.58. This roughly translates to $430. Although the images have disappeared, the URL SonosAce currently exists, but it redirects visitors to Sonos’ homepage.

It appears Sonos intends to compete with the likes of Apple, Sony, Sennheiser, and other high-end headphone makers. However, for the Sonos Ace to compete in the big leagues, it would have to offer top-notch performance with reliable active noise cancellation.

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