Sony may release a DualSense v2 with an included charging station

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Sony’s DualSense controller is perhaps the best controller Sony has ever released for a PlayStation console, and it appears it may have a ‘v2’ version in the works that comes with an extra accessory.

A leaked product page from Best Buy Canada (the link is no longer live) as potted by X user @Lbabinz briefly showcased a listing for the new controller version, along with a short description of it. In that description, the DualSense controller was specifically referenced as a “v2” version. It was also mentioned that it comes with a DualSense Charging Station. The charging station isn’t included in the images. But if it’s coming directly from Sony, then there’s a good chance that it’s the same one it released as a standalone accessory alongside the PlayStation 5 back in 2020.

This accessory is a simple little stand that you can slot two controllers into. The description on the listing reads “DualSense Charging Station (included) offers easy click-in charging.” This is a pretty accurate description. As the controllers are very easy to click into the dock and juice them up. It also fits both the regular DualSense and the DualSense Edge. And I’ve been able to fit my SCUF Reflex FPS onto it as well.

The DualSense v2 Controller may cost more money

Since this listing is from Best Buy Canada, the $89.99 price tag may not be what US consumers can expect to pay. Based on the conversion rate $89.99 CAD is only $67.06 USD. However, that might not be the final US price. The original DualSense is already $69.99 and it doesn’t come with a charging station. You can buy the charging station separately though for $29.99, or in a bundle for $99.98. Taking that into consideration, it’s very possible the US will get this new controller version with the charging station included for $89.99 USD. With Sony choosing to keep the price the same.

This is speculation, of course. But if that is the route Sony takes, it would be about $10 cheaper than buying the current DualSense and charging station separately. Another possibility is that Sony is just throwing the charging station in for free here with this new version. A current DualSense (or v1 version if you will) is $89.99 CAD in Canada whereas it’s $69.99 USD in the US. Going off of these prices for the current models, Sony may be looking to release the v2 version with the charging station as a freebie.

It would certainly be a consumer-friendly move. And one that we hope Sony makes. Other than the charging station, nothing else seems to be different about this controller. As noted by Wccftech, the listing mentioning the charging station might also be a mistake by Best Buy Canada.

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