The Galaxy S24 could get software updates until 2031

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Google shocked the tech world when it announced that the Pixel 8 phones will be supported for a whopping seven years. We’re not just talking about software and security updates, this also means major OS upgrades. Well, it appears that Samsung is following in Google’s shoes, as the upcoming Galaxy S24 phones could get software support for seven years.

To put this into perspective, Android will run out of alphabetical letters before the Pixel 8 phones lose compatibility. This was a pretty big step for Google, as it previously supported its devices for three years. This was seen as a response to Samsung revamping its upgrade schedule to offer four major OS upgrades to its phones in five years of security updates back in 2020.

The Galaxy S24 could get seven years of software support

Fresh off of CES 2024, the Galaxy S24 is now at the center of attention for the tech world. These phones are meant to bring all the best hardware present on the market today. However, what’s as important as its performance today is its performance down the road. Most people want their phones to be supported for a long time. This is especially true if they’re spending over $1,000 for them.

Well, Samsung thought about this when it introduced five years of software support. However, according to a new leak, it appears that Samsung will support its devices for a whopping seven years.

Whenever we talk about software support, we always have to differentiate between software updates and OS upgrades. Software updates usually refer to security patches and other minor updates. OS upgrades bring your phone to the next major version of Android. Well, it appears that Samsung is going to offer seven years of major OS upgrades. This means that the Galaxy S24 phones could receive updates up to Android version 21.

This information has yet to be officially confirmed, but it’s still great to hear. The Galaxy S24 phones are set to be unveiled on January 17th. We don’t expect too many hardware upgrades besides the latest and greatest Snapdragon and Exynos processors. However, Samsung is going to be prioritizing AI technology and incorporating that into the Galaxy experience.

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