T-Mobile users are experiencing issues claiming their free Hulu perk

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One thing about T-Mobile is the fact that it’s constantly giving users perks for picking up a plan. Some of these perks include free subscriptions to streaming services like Netflix. Well, T-Mobile recently unveiled its “Hulu on us” promotion, and it grants people a subscription to Hulu indefinitely. However, some users are experiencing issues accessing Hulu through T-Mobile.

Subscription services are expensive and getting more expensive. Well, they have that in common with phone plans. So, getting both as a package deal really helps. For users, a big selling point of T-Mobile is its “Netflix on us” promotion. That’s still going on, so if you want to add Netflix to your T-Mobile subscription, you can check out its plans.

T-Mobile users are having issues accessing their Hulu perk

A moderator on the T-Mobile subreddit posted a link allowing users who subscribe to the proper plan to redeem their free Hulu subscription. When they click on the link, it tells them that they are ineligible to redeem their perk. The plan in question is the Go5G Next plan, and the Hulu perk applies to existing customers. You have to make sure that you were on the Go5G Next plan before January 5th this year in order to be eligible. So, if it shows that you’re ineligible, there is a small chance that you are just not signed up for the right plan.

It’s also important to note that the version of Hulu you’re getting is the $7.99/month plan that includes ads. Unfortunately, there’s no option to upgrade to the more expensive ad-free plan for a little extra money.

What is the T-Mobile Go5G Next plan?

Aside from getting a free subscription to a streaming service, the Go5G Next plan gives you a ton of perks. For a single line, it costs you $105/month. It gets knocked down to $100/month if you sign up for autopay.

With the plan, you get all of the best features including unlimited high-speed data, 50GB of high-speed Hotspot data, unlimited talk and text, Wi-Fi calling, a phone upgrade every year, video streaming up to 4K quality, and many more. You can check out this page to see the full list of perks.

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