We may see Wear OS 5 this year, first on a Samsung smartwatch

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Ever since 2021, Google has really stepped up its Wear OS game. After the dog days when Wear OS received very little attention, the platform is getting almost yearly updates. According to a new leak, it appears that Wear OS 5 could debut this year, and it could first come on a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Wear OS 3 was the beginning of a new chapter for Google’s wearable operating system. It first launched on the Galaxy Watch 4 Series and it made it to the masses the next year when Google launched its first Pixel Watch. In 2023, we got Wear OS 4, and it launched first on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. Only that time, users didn’t have to wait an entire year to get it, as it soon after launched on the Pixel Watch too.

So, this seems to be a pattern emerging where Samsung will get first dibs on the new wearable operating system, and Google will follow closely after. It should come as no surprise, as Google and Samsung are very close in their partnership. Google’s new Circle to search feature, which has yet to make it to other Android phones, actually launched on the Galaxy s24 series.

Wear OS 5 could launch this year on a Galaxy Watch

This is still pretty early information, so you’ll want to take this cautiously. According to information discovered by 9To5Google, Samsung is working on a build of Android 14 that will exist on the company’s upcoming Exynos 5535 chip. This is the chip that’s rumored to power the Galaxy Watch 7 series (at least one of the models).

Throughout the information, Samsung refers to the build as “Wear OS 5.” So, we’re fairly certain that Samsung’s next Smart watches will debut with Wear OS 5. As for what changes and new features that it will bring, those all remain a mystery.

As time goes on, we will definitely get leaks and rumors of what Wear OS 5 will bring. We can’t rule out Google mentioning it during its next Google I/O event later in the spring. Also, we could hear about it when Samsung unveils the Galaxy Watch 7 series during its next Unpacked event.

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