Take up the sword in Die by the Blade on GeForce NOW this week

GeForce NOW Die by the Blade

NVIDIA has officially announced the next round of games coming to its GeForce NOW service, and it includes Die by the Blade, a new release that will test your sword fighting skills and your will to survive. GeForce NOW for the uninitiated is a cloud gaming service that lets you stream your PC games over the internet. These are games that you own on Steam, the Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect, and other stores, and GeForce NOW acts as the middleman that lets you connect to those clients to play the games.

This way you don’t need to have them installed on your device. It’s great for anyone who doesn’t have a powerful PC or simply a PC that’s well-suited to gaming. It’s also amazing for anyone who wants to play games on their Android or iOS devices. In fact, playing your PC games through GeForce NOW on your smartphone is perhaps one of the best use cases we can think of. I’ve been using GeForce NOW for years now and playing games through the Android app is how I use the service most of the time. Because it’s so easy to boot up a game no matter where you are, so long as your phone has an internet connection.

Die by the Blade and four more games come to GeForce NOW

There’s something about the thrill of samurai sword fighting in games that just gets your blood pumping. Ghost of Tsushima, Rise of the Ronin, and countless other games give you a taste of what this feels like. And now Die by the Blade is coming to GeForce NOW this week to up the ante. This is a 1v1 sword fighting game that takes on a “Samuraipunk” theme where you must vanquish your foes. The catch is that in Die by the Blade, you’ll need to be fast.

Like, really fast. Because battles are one-hit-kill. There is zero room for error if you want to come out alive. With no health bars, every attack attempt from your opponent could be the one that kills you. Your only hope of surviving is to avoid or parry those attacks and be the first to land a strike. To the victor go the spoils. Fight with honor, die with honor. This is a new release on Steam as of May 16, and it only costs $20. So, not a bad pickup.

In addition to Die by the Blade, GeForce NOW is also getting Men of War II (a new release as of May 15), Colony Survival, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (Xbox via Game Pass), and Palworld.

Check out games you may have missed

While this week’s list of newly added games is light, don’t forget there were some excellent options that were dropped last week. If you missed the new additions from May 9, one of those new games is Honkai: Star Rail. A highly requested turn-based RPG from the makers of Genshin Impact. Yes, if you play the PC version of the game you can finally play it on GeForce NOW. And just like with Genshin Impact, it supports cross-progression. So you can play on PC, then carry over to the Android or iOS versions and play on your phone natively. Which is pretty cool.

Last week also included the addition of Little Kitty Big City, Farmers Life, and Supermarket Simulator.

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