The Galaxy Watch 7 might use the same chip as the Galaxy Watch 6

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We’re fresh off of the Galaxy S24 announcement, so we’re moving on to our next batch of Samsung-centric rumors. Now, we’re focusing on the company’s upcoming smartwatch. According to a new leak, it appears that the Galaxy Watch 7 will use the same processor that was in the Galaxy Watch 6.

Sure, Samsung is keen on using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips in its phones, but that’s not the case with its smartwatches. The company sticks with its own brand of processors for its watches under the “W” series of chips. The Galaxy Watch 6 uses the Exynos W940 SoC. It’s a powerful chip that gives the watch some great performance.

It looks like the Galaxy Watch 7 could use the same chip from last year

This news comes to us from leaker Roland Quandt. He explained some details on a few chips that Samsung is working on. At the top of the post, he mentioned that the Galaxy Watch 7 will use the same Exynos 5535, which is the international model number and not the official marketing name that Samsung gave it. He said that this is most likely the same Exynos W940 that was in 2023’s watch.

Since this is early information about a watch that’s not supposed to come out for another half a year, you’ll want to take it cautiously. Anything could change between now and the next Unpacked event.

Those who don’t know about Samsung’s strategy with its wearable devices would be shocked at this news. However, this isn’t actually odd for Samsung. The company has a bi-annual cycle when it comes to upgrading its wearable chips. Rather than a new iteration each year, Samsung’s Galaxy Watches get a new chip every two years. That may sound odd, but it’s been working for the company thus far.

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 shared the Exynos W930. So, the Exynos W940 belongs to the Galaxy Watch 6 and possibly the Galaxy Watch 7. We’ll want to wait for more information about this, as there are rumors that point to the contrary. One rumor states that Samsung will use a new chip this year. This new chip could be based on a 3nm process.

Mystery chips?

Along with the Exynos 5535, Quandt also spilled the beans on two other chips. The first one is referred to as the Exynos 5400, and the second one is called the Exynos 6375. There’s no information on these chips, unfortunately. The only information we have is that the Exynos 5400 might be a wearable chip, as per Quandt. We’re going to need to wait for more information on that.

This is just speculation, but it’s possible that Samsung could use last year’s chip for the standard Galaxy Watch 7 and the Exynos 5400 for a more premium “Pro” model of the watch. We’ll just need to wait and see what the company does.

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