The OnePlus Watch 3 was spotted earlier than expected

OnePlus Watch 2 AM AH 05

The OnePlus Watch 2 launched a few months ago. This device did much to make up for the poor performance of its predecessor. Well, while that watch is still warm, we’re already getting information about the next iteration. According to a new report, the OnePlus Watch 3 just gained official certification.

It seems rather odd that we’re getting information about the OnePlus Watch 3 when the OnePlus Watch 2 is only a few months old. However, companies begin working on the next generation of their devices before the current one even launches. So it should be no surprise that we’re getting some information about the next iteration. While information is already trickling in, we don’t expect to see this device until next year.

The OnePlus Watch 3 gains BIS certification

At this point, there’s no information on how this watch will look or perform. Right now, all we know is the model number of this future device. It gained certification from the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), and it has the model number OPWWE234. This is similar to the OnePlus Watch 2’s model number (OPWWE231). Since it gained BIS certification, it’s likely to land in India.

There’s not much hardware information, as the hardware might not be finalized just yet. It’s still very early in the game. However, if the company is planning on a yearly release cycle, then we should expect a design similar to the OnePlus Watch 2. This device’s design was well-received by most of the tech community. It stuck out with the protrusion on the side that houses the buttons. So, it’s likely that OnePlus won’t rock the boat with the design.

However, we do have one bit of hardware information about this watch. As spotted on the TUV Rheinland database the OnePlus Watch 3 might have a large 500mAh battery. That’s definitely large compared to smartwatches, and it’s the same size as the OnePlus Watch 2’s battery. That watch boasted an impressive 100-hour battery life. While it wasn’t able to reach that metric for everyone, it was still very impressive. We expect the OnePlus Watch 3 to bring some similar battery life.

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