The Pixel 8a may have gained an FCC certification

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Like clockwork, Google has been releasing the mid-range version of its Pixel phones ever since the Pixel 3a. These phones have been getting an early summer release over the past couple of years, and we presume that this will be the case this year. Well, a new FCC certification may have confirmed our assumptions. A new Pixel device, presumably the Pixel 8a, has just gained FCC certification.

The information provided in the FCC certification is official. However, you may still want to take this news with a grain of salt, as the FCC listing did not exclusively point to Pixel 8a. So, there’s always the chance that Google will have a surprise for us.

According to the FCC filing, this device has the model number G8HNN. So, this device has officially undergone testing, and it is sure to launch relatively soon. Since FCC filings give official information, we have few details about what this device will have. However, it doesn’t explain too much.

A mystery Pixel device, possibly the Pixel 8a, gains FCC certification

The information explained has to do with some of the less appreciated aspects of a phone. We’re talking about the signal radios that this phone will have. This mystery Pixel device will be able to use 5G on all major US carriers along with mmWave 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and NFC. The image below shows all of the details, so you can read those if they mean anything to you.

If history is any indication, the Pixel 8a will use the Google Tenser G3, the same processor that’s in the Pixel 8 (Review) and Pixel 8 Pro (Review). Also, we expect this phone to have a 1080p+ display, a set of powerful cameras, and the latest version of Android. Since the base Pixel 8 cannot use Gemini Nano, it’s expected that the Pixel 8a will also lack this AI model.

As for the price, we are still pretty much in the dark. However, rumors state that the Pixel 8a will cost more than the Pixel 7a. The Pixel 7a costs $499 MSRP. So, if the Pixel 8a is more expensive than the Pixel 7a, then there’s a chance that it could cost around $619 USD. That is the price converted from the rumored €569.90. So, if that’s the case, then the Pixel 8a will be a pretty significant jump in price.

In any case, this new report lets us know that the Pixel 8a could be in production and ready to get a formal announcement soon.

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