PS5 Pro reportedly releasing this coming holiday season


The PS5 Pro launch date is anything but confirmed, however, a recent report of the console’s specs has led to another report that suggests the PS5 Pro is going to be released sometime this coming holiday season. If you happened to miss the report from last week, the PS5 Pro is potentially going to be an impressive piece of hardware. Boasting potentially up to three times faster ray tracing capabilities than the original PS5. On top of that, it’s said to come with graphics rendering that’s 45% faster than that of the PS5.

These two upgrades are notable because it means the PS5 Pro will have even more lifelike lighting and reflections. As well as better overall graphics. But the same report also gave a little detail about the console’s AI upscaling. Earlier this year it was rumored that the PS5 Pro would come with AI upscaling capabilities. Based on documentation that was covered in the report from last week, the PS5 Pro could allow for game patches that upscale graphics.

The PS5 Pro launch date is set for holiday 2024, rumored specs are real

What makes the leaked specs from last week more interesting is that they appear to be real. According to Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson, those specs listed are all confirmed. What’s more, is that Henderson reiterates the console is arriving this holiday season.

This launch window has been speculated in the past. But this would be the first time that it’s been rumored as a more solid launch date. That being said, Henderson is quick to point out that this time frame is tentative. Sony may choose to push back the console’s release because of a “lack of first-party game releases” on the PS5 in 2024.

Sony confirmed back in February during an earnings call that it wouldn’t have any major first-party game releases until March 2025. So if the PS5 Pro were to launch this holiday season, it would have no big games to launch along with it. When the console does finally arrive, its pricing may surprise consumers. Current rumors peg the device for a cost of $500. However, it’s also stated that this might be without the disc drive. If consumers wanted the disc drive, they’d be able to buy it as an optional add-on. Just like they can with the new PS5 Slim model.

In a separate report, Henderson expands on the leaked specs. He states that the PS5 Pro will come with increased system memory, as well as a High CPU frequency mode. This CPU boost is said to be a 10% increase over the PS5.

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