TikTok will pay creators to make trending search content

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TikTok will pay creators to make content about trending search terms on the app. Creators will receive a payout depending on how well their content aligns with what TikTok users search for. This is one of the four core metrics of the firm’s Creator Rewards Program, its new monetization program.

TikTok wants people to use the app as a video search engine

TikTok debuted as a short-form video platform but has quickly evolved into a video-centric social media app. It allows you to post short and long videos and chat and socialize with other users. The company, owned by Chinese firm ByteDance, now wants to expand into a search engine. Industry insiders already see it challenging Google at its core strength in a few years.

The latest monetization option for TikTok creators might be a move toward this goal. TikTok’s “search value” is a metric to determine how much a video aligns with popular search terms on the app. Creators who make more videos about trending searches have a higher search value and can earn more. The Creator Search Insights helps them find trending search terms.

“With these insights, creators can source inspiration for their content, tailor their creative strategies to meet audience interests, and create content that people want to see more of,” TikTok said in an official press release. However, the firm likely has bigger goals for incentivizing videos about trending topics. This move may help restrict people from using Google for online searches.

For example, if someone searches for “best vacuum repair shop NYC” on TikTok and doesn’t find relevant videos, they will probably move to Google or other platforms. With search value, TikTok encourages creators to make videos about everything people search for. Creators could be tempted to go out of their comfort zone. Over time, the platform may gain a robust collection of videos about certain topics from various creators.

TikTok’s Creator Rewards Program will also evaluate originality and engagement

Search value is one of the four core metrics TikTok will use to determine the payout for creators. The other three are originality, play duration, and engagement. The more unique or original your content is, the more money you can make. TikTok will also check the watch time and finish rate of your videos. Audience engagement, which includes likes, comments, and shares, holds high value too.

To be eligible for the Creator Rewards Program, a TikTok creator must be at least 18 years old and have at least 10K followers with more than 100K views in the last 30 days. TikTok also requires creators to “have a personal account in good standing where the program is available.” The new program will “automatically reward creators for their account’s ad value determined by their community’s ad watch time.”

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