Touch controls are coming to Xbox mobile apps for remote play

Xbox Cloud Gaming Touch Controls

The Xbox app on mobile is getting touch controls for remote play purposes. So you’ll soon be able to play games streamed from your Xbox console without the need for a controller. Currently, if you want to stream a game from your Xbox console to your phone you need a connected controller to do so. But that won’t be the case for very much longer. The Verge reports that Microsoft is currently testing touch controls for its Xbox mobile apps and plans to push the feature out to users soon.

The feature is currently being tested in beta. So it isn’t available unless you’re using the beta version of the app. It’s also stated that the feature is being tested on both the iOS and Android versions of the app. So Microsoft seemingly plans to launch it for both mobile platforms at the same time. When the feature will arrive outside of beta is still unclear.

Xbox app touch controls are identical to the ones for cloud gaming

If you’re wondering how the controls will look or how they function, just launch a game in the Game Pass app. Controls for the Xbox app for remote play purposes are said to be identical to what Microsoft offers for cloud gaming.

These virtual overlay buttons will allow you to navigate around the UI and launch games. With full control just like if you had a controller connected. Ideally, you’d use a controller for most of your gaming sessions. As it’s hard for touch controls to improve on the tactile feedback you’d get from physical buttons.

However, using the touch controls can be more convenient. And for some games, they might even be more comfortable. Worth keeping in mind, of course, is that not all games in the Game Pass app support touch controls. And it’s likely to be the same thing for the Xbox app once the feature is released.

Touch controls are already pretty widespread though. Microsoft has developed custom touch controls for “hundreds of games” already The Verge says. And a quick peek inside the Game Pass app will show that plenty of the more popular titles already support them.

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