You can play Horizon Forbidden West on PC in late March

Horizon Forbidden West PC

Sony has confirmed the release date for Horizon Forbidden West on PC, and it’s coming up real soon. You’ll officially be able to play the game on PC via Steam on March 21. This will be the Complete Edition of the game which will come with bonus content.

The main piece of bonus content is the Burning Shores expansion which was released a little more than a year after the main game. Horizon Forbidden West launched on PS5 and PS4 on February 18, 2022, and the Burning Shores expansion launched for PS5 only on April 19, 2023. If you already own the game on PS5 then there’s not a whole lot of reasons to pick it up on PC too. Especially if you’ve already played all of the available content.

However, there is a case to be made for playing it through again with the PC version. Just like with the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West will have exclusive PC features. Most notably greatly enhanced performance and visuals. This includes but isn’t limited to unlocked frame rates, DLSS 3 support, AMD FSR and Intel XeSS support, and NVIDIA DLAA support. The PC version will also support ultra-wide aspect ratios. Sony confirms that 21:9, 32:9, and even 48:9 (triple monitor setups) will be supported.

In short, this will let you experience the game in a whole new way. You’ll need specific PC hardware to take advantage of some of these features though. NVIDIA DLSS 3 for instance, requires an RTX 40-series GPU. However, if you’re using an RTX 30-series card you should still be able to get the benefits of DLSS 2.

Horizon Forbidden West on PC is available via Steam and the Epic Games Store

If you’re looking to pick up the game, you can do so through both Steam and the Epic Games Store. It costs $59.99, and this is the same price as the Complete Edition you can get on PS5. But $10 cheaper than if you bought the PS5 version of the base game ($50) and then the expansion separately for $20 when it first launched.

The PC version will have deep controller support, including Steam’s remapping features. But you should still play it with a DualSense controller if you plan to use a controller at all. The PC version of the game fully supports the advanced features that you get with the DualSense on PS5, like the adaptive triggers for more immersive gameplay actions. The game does support keyboard and mouse controls too if you prefer those instead.

Even more PlayStation games are coming to PC

Earlier this week Sony confirmed that it plans to bring more of its gaming experiences to PC. At the time it did not mention any games in particular. And Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition was yet to receive an official release date announcement. Now that it has one, this won’t be the last game to hit the PC platform, but there’s no confirmation on what’s coming next. Since Horizon Forbidden West is coming up on its two years since the original release, it’s safe to say that any big exclusives Sony plans to drop on PC players will likely be older.

Sony does also have smaller first-party titles though. Like Helldivers II, which drops for PS5 and PC on February 8.

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