Truecaller partnered with Microsoft for AI voices

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Microsoft is rapidly expanding its reach in the AI world, and that includes partnering with other companies. According to a new report, Microsoft partnered with Truecaller to create AI-generated assistants. These assistants will actually imitate your voice.

In case you don’t know, Truecaller is an app that blocks spam calls in order to help you avoid scams. Along with blocking calls, it has a feature that gives you a personalized assistant that will answer calls for you. It’s similar to the call screen feature that Pixel phones have. The assistant can mimic a human assistant on your behalf.


partnered with Microsoft to make an AI-generated assistant

While Truecaller’s feature is great, the company is looking to make it better, and slightly unsettling. According to a new report, Truecaller partnered with Microsoft to implement Azure AI Speech into its service. With this integration, users are able to create an AI version of their voice to use as the assistant. So, when someone calls you, they’ll hear an AI-generated version of your voice answer the phone.

The company gave an example of how this will work. In a video, we heard the AI-generated voice answer a call. The caller then asked to speak to the person. The AI-generated voice then asked if the call was urgent. It’s a versatile assistant that can guide the call based on your preferences.

If this is a feature that interests you, you’re going to be a bit disappointed depending on your region. Right now, this feature isn’t available widely. The Truecaller assistant feature is only available in select countries, so the AI-generated voices will see a limited market.

In any case, if you have the assistant feature, and you want to use the AI-generated voice, then it should be making it to your device in the near future. If you don’t see the option to, then you’ll want to make sure that your app is fully updated.

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