Trusted source says Galaxy S25 Ultra has four rear cameras after all

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Samsung may not remove the 3x zoom camera from the Galaxy S25 Ultra. A reputed industry insider says the 2025 flagship still has four cameras on the back. An unconfirmed rumor previously said that the company is considering equipping the phone with a single zoom camera with variable focal length.

Galaxy S25 Ultra will feature four cameras on the back

For the past few years, Samsung’s Ultra flagships have featured two zoom cameras on the back. One with 3x optical zoom, while the other offered 10x optical zoom until last year. The company switched to a 5x lens with the Galaxy S24 Ultra this year. It was expected to keep a similar setup on the Galaxy S25 Ultra next year, though a hardware upgrade was never off the cards.

A wild rumor recently surfaced saying that Samsung is testing a Galaxy S25 Ultra prototype with only three cameras on the back. Along with the 200MP main camera and 12MP ultrawide lens sits a zoom camera with two fixed focal lengths. It offers optical zoom at two different magnification levels. One at around 4-5x and the other at 6-7x, with Samsung improving the main camera for lossless photos up to 3x zoom.

This setup serves the same purpose as having two separate zoom cameras with different optical zoom. However, noted X tipster Ice Universe says the rumor is inaccurate. They are “certain” that Samsung will equip the Galaxy S25 Ultra with four rear cameras. More precisely, it won’t let go of the 3x zoom camera, meaning that there will be another zoom camera likely with 5x or higher optical zoom.

Since the original rumor said it was a prototype, Samsung might have briefly tested the variable zoom camera and decided to go back to the dual zoom camera setup. It’s unclear whether the company tracked back due to the technical difficulties posed by a variable zoom camera or if it couldn’t achieve the desired 3x zoom photos and videos with the 200MP main camera.

A camera hardware upgrade is still on the cards

While Samsung isn’t removing the 3x zoom camera, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of a camera hardware upgrade on the Galaxy S25 Ultra. “An upgrade is very possible,” Ice Universe said, adding that they are waiting for “more specific and accurate news.” The source has been reliably accurate with Samsung leaks, so we will keep an eye on their social media handles and keep you posted.

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