WhatsApp could be bringing favorite contacts to desktop users

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If you’re using WhatsApp, you’re bound to have contacts that you communicate with more often than others. Right now, the company is working on bringing a favorite contacts list for the iPhone version of the app. Now, according to a new report, it appears that WhatsApp is working on a favorite contacts list for desktop users as well. This comes after the company rolled out the ability to block numbers from the lock screen.

From the looks of it, if you’re using your favorite contact list of iOS, you’ll be able to quickly access and communicate with contacts from different screens in the app. For example, you’ll be able to quickly call your favorite contacts right from your calls tab. This eliminates the need to actively search for the contact throughout the app. You’ll have quick access to the contacts you interact with the most.

WhatsApp could be working on bringing the favorite contacts list to desktop users

Right now, WhatsApp is testing this feature for iPhones, but it appears that it wants to expand the feature to other platforms. As discovered by WABeta info, the company also wants to bring this feature over to desktop users.

Below, we see a screenshot showing this feature in action. In the Chats tab, we see a new Favorites chip right under the search bar. Below, we see a description of what favorite contacts are, and it also gives you the ability to add contacts via the green button.

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At this point, we’re not entirely certain how many contacts you can add to your favorites list. We don’t know if it’s going to be unlimited or if WhatsApp is going to cap uses at a specific number. Also, we’re not entirely sure when we’ll see any indication of this feature coming to Android.

However, Android beta testers have enough beta tests going on. For example, WhatsApp is working on the ability for users to reply to announcement channel poses in Communities. In announcement channels, the admins are able to post messages to the members, but members are never able to reply to these messages. However, WhatsApp will soon give users the ability to reply.

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