X is making changes to how the block button works


Social media platforms are always adapting to promote healthy interactions while empowering users to control their online experiences. Following the same, X (previously Twitter) under Elon Musk’s ownership, has made a notable change to its Block button feature, indicating a new approach to user interactions.

X is updating its block feature to improve transparency and user interaction. Rather than removing the block button entirely, X is enhancing the functionality for blocked users. Previously, blocked users could reply to the blocker’s posts without their knowledge. With the new update, blocked users will now be able to see direct replies to their own posts, even from those who have blocked them.

X updates block feature for enhanced transparency and interaction

The reason for this adjustment, as stated by X’s engineering team, is to bring the block feature more in line with the platform’s identity as a public forum. This modification is highlighted as a continual effort to cultivate a space resembling a “public town square.” Additionally, X teased additional tweaks to the block feature, knowing its importance as one of the most widely used safety tools on the platform. The company underscored its goal to enable users to customize their experience while maintaining the exposure of public posts.

This change in strategy seems to align with Musk’s earlier comments regarding the ineffectiveness of a public block feature. He has consistently maintained that such a feature goes against the principles of open dialogue. Musk believes that the block button serves no purpose outside direct messaging and should be gradually eliminated.

Despite changes made by X not being unique, they may be welcomed by users looking for transparency in platform interactions. Nevertheless, the choice to adjust the visibility of previously blocked content suggests larger changes are on the way. As X moves towards a more transparent and inclusive environment, users may see additional changes to the block feature. At this point, Musk’s goal of removing the block button completely is not yet a reality. Still, X’s ongoing adjustments indicate a step closer to a more efficient approach to user interactions.

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