Google rolls out ChromeOS 124 with a bunch of exciting features

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Yesterday, Google rolled out ChromeOS 124 for Chromebooks in the Stable Channel. The company has been constantly improving ChromeOS for a few years now. Earlier with ChromeOS 123, Google brought in some new features including mouse shortcuts and custom keyboards.

Now it seems with the latest ChromeOS 124, Google is bringing a plethora of changes and improvements to elevate the user experience on Chromebooks.

ChromeOS 124 update: Changes in the Settings app and Faster Split Screen Setup

The first notable change brought in by ChromeOS 124 is visible in the Settings app. The Material You design now powers the Settings app and is now more in line with the one you usually find on an Android tablet. You’ll notice that each of the app options now opens as its container instead of continuous feed options.

Two new options such as Wallpaper and style and System Preferences are also added in the Settings app with ChromeOS 124. Additionally, all the options in the sidebar now have their respective icon and description. That said, a few options in the Settings app remain unchanged. These include Connected devices, Accounts, Networks, Bluetooth, Devices, Apps, Accessibility, and more.

Google also introduced an improved multitasking feature in ChromeOS 124 which it calls “Faster Split Screen Setup.” You can simply snap a window on the one side and ChromeOS 124 will show a grouped overview of opened windows on the other side. You can choose any window displayed on the other side as per your preference. Worth noting that this feature is mostly identical to what’s currently available on Windows.

The latest ChromeOS update also improves gaming and brings Fast Pair for mice

Besides, there’s a new Quality of Service (QoS) feature that ensures better traffic optimization, allowing you to enjoy smooth gameplay and video calling experience. That’s not all, the Fast Pair support for mice is also added in ChromeOS 124. It will prompt you to connect your mouse when you bring them closer to your Chromebook.

If you’ve got a mouse with Fast Pair compatibility, one click is enough to pair it with your Chromebook. Talking of mice, the cursor size is now bigger in the latest update. You can adjust the size accordingly by going to Settings > Accessibility > Cursor and touchpad.

Although Google has rolled out ChromeOS 124 update for Chromebooks, it is not available for all Chromebook users right away. The tech giant has added that these updates are rolling out in batches. So, if you aren’t seeing the update on your Chromebook yet, you might have to wait for a few days.

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