You can now share passwords via Google Password Manager

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Google provides a number of features if you’re using a family group. The search titan lets you use a shared payment method, a Google One account, and purchases within your family group. Now, the company has launched one more sharing function. The Google Password Manager feature now lets you share your secure password with your loved ones. Google has been teasing the password-sharing functionality since the beginning of the year. It was also spotted in an earlier version of the Play services.

Google Password Manager now lets you share passwords with your family members

According to Android Authority, Google has released the password-sharing feature in the Google Play services v24.20 update. The update was released on May 22 in a phased manner, so it could take some time to reach all devices. Thanks to the feature, you can share your credentials to apps and services with the members of your family group only. You can’t share the password with just about anyone with a Google account. This makes the feature safer than a generic sharing function.

Once you share the password, the person in your family group will be able to access the appropriate service with your credentials. Previously, Google mentioned a few examples where this function may come in handy, including a “child letting a parent access school assignments” or “coordinating daycare through a single account.”

Google Password manger share
Google Password Manager share password

Google Password manger share
Google Password Manager share password

“With this new feature, you can now securely share your passwords with your family group in Google Password Manager. When you share a password, your family members will receive a copy of it in their Google Password Manager, ready to be used,” Google mentioned on its support page.

Google Password Manager’s sharing feature is currently available on Android devices. However, the option hasn’t yet appeared in the stable version of the Chrome browser on desktop.

Google Password Manager is also getting Material You redesign on Android

In the meantime, the Google Password Manager functionality on Android is also getting a small Material You redesign. The company rolled out the Material 3 redesign of the service on Android devices last week. It arrived as a server-side update in version 24.16.16 of Google Play services. The modern design of the service makes everything feel much cleaner and a little bit smoother.

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