YouTube now testing AI summaries in Shorts comments section

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It seems that YouTube is currently testing AI summaries in Shorts comments section too. The feature was originally available for long videos, helping to automatically organize comments according to topics.

From time to time, Google introduces experimental features to its services. These features are initially available to a limited audience, and are not always widely implemented. For example, last year, some users started receiving an AI-powered topic generator for comments in long videos. This feature basically analyzes the comments and organizes them into specific topics.

The feature allows you to know the main topics that people in the comments are discussing. It also helps creators know their viewers’ favorite topics, which is useful for making more engaging content. The option to filter comments by topics is placed between “Top” and “Newest.” However, the company has not yet implemented the feature en masse. That said, it seems that doesn’t mean it was scrapped. Now, YouTube is testing AI summaries for comments in Shorts.

AI summaries for YouTube comments now available in Shorts as a limited test

As with long videos, AI summaries for YouTube Shorts comments are available only through the mobile app. In addition, it is a test of very limited scope among selected users. Even those who receive the feature will not be able to use it in all Shorts. It will only be available in some Shorts with full comment sections.

YouTube AI summaries Shorts comments
AI summaries in YouTube video comments

Google allows channel owners where the option is available to delete individual comments within topic threads. The company also states that topics are generated only based on published comments. That is, those under review do not count for the system.

It is not known when YouTube will massively implement the AI summarizer. However, the fact that they are now testing the option in Shorts too is indicative that the plans are still on track. In any case, Google seems to be taking the implementation of functions related to AI-powered summaries more cautiously. The controversy surrounding the bizarre results that AI Overviews showed in Search generated a lot of noise. So, they will probably take their time before a massive rollout.

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