Adobe Lightroom is getting Generative Remove AI feature

Adobe Lightroom Generative Remove

Almost every company in the tech sphere appears to be dealing with some sort of AI application. Google and OpenAI are competing with each other enriching their AI tools like Gemini and ChatGPT with shockingly capable models. Last week Google brought more Gemini AI features to Gmail.

Today Adobe has introduced the addition of Generative Remove in Adobe Lightroom. It brings the magic of Adobe Firefly directly into everyone’s day-to-day photo editing workflows. It will be available across Lightroom mobile, web, and desktop platforms.

Adobe Lightroom is now getting generative AI features

The Generative Remove AI feature in Adobe Lightroom gives Lightroom users the ability to remove unwanted objects from any photo non-destructively in a single click. “It fills the gap with pixel-perfect generations for high-quality, realistic, and stunning results,” the announcement notes.

It becomes available in Adobe Lightroom starting today as an early access generative AI feature for millions of users. The company aims to get feedback from the photographers and creators that will help them make further enhancements to the feature.

Additionally, the AI-powered Lens Blur tool in Lightroom now becomes generally available with new presets. It lets users add “aesthetic blur effects” to any photo. According to Adobe, these new features combined with the previously existing tools in Lightroom are expected to speed up the workflows of creators and offer photo editing superpowers to hobbyists.

“We’re excited to bring the magic of Firefly to Lightroom’s millions of users – so they can live in the moment knowing they have the most powerful tools to edit, manage, and share anywhere they are,” said Ashley Still, senior vice president, and general manager, Creative Cloud at Adobe.

The Generative Remove feature of Lightroom appears to be really capable. It can even remove the stains from a patterned shirt or an unwanted part of a reflection in water.

Adobe is letting users edit with speed and ease

Adobe has also expanded the tethering support for new cameras and provides access to photos in Lightroom Classic in real-time. It includes Sony’s recent offerings such as the Alpha 7 IV and Alpha 7R V.

The Generative Remove feature is powered by Adobe Firefly, which has been offering similar generative AI features for a while now. Important to mention, that Firefly is trained on licensed content. It does not generate content that infringes on copyright or other intellectual property rights.

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