Don’t worry, WhatsApp is still testing usernames

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When using WhatsApp, giving out your phone number is a must. That’s how people identify you on the application. While the company has been able to remain one of the top messaging apps in the world, this is still something that people have a major issue with. However, WhatsApp is still testing the ability for users to create usernames on the platform.

The company has been working on this feature for several months. In fact, we were seeing hints at this feature ever since May of last year, and it’s leaving people wondering what is taking the app so long. However, completely revamping how users are identified throughout the app definitely seems like a very big ask, so we’re just going to have to be a little bit patient.

WhatsApp is still testing usernames

Not everybody likes giving out their phone number. Sure, if you’re communicating with your friends, family, or trusted work colleagues, it’s not a big issue. However, WhatsApp is also home to many untrustworthy individuals. People try to sell scams, post phishing campaigns, steal data, Etc. You don’t want a sensitive bit of information like your phone number being vulnerable to bad actors such as these.

This is one of the main reasons why people want usernames. Thanks to WABetaInfo, it appears that WhatsApp is getting closer to implementing this change. In the screenshot below, we see the “Choose my username” option under the profile section in the settings. This was spotted in the Android beta version of the app with the build number

WhatsApp username setting

It’s showing up for some beta uses, but it’s not available for everyone. So, be sure to get the update and see if you have the option.

The ability to make a username will make using WhatsApp a much more customizable experience. There are people who may not want to go by their real names or show their phone numbers on the app. Rather, they want to protect their identity while on the platform. Also, you can’t argue with the freedom of expression that comes with being able to make a username.

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WhatsApp is also working on letting people designate their favorite contacts on the desktop version. This feature is still in testing.

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