OpenAI could announce a search engine soon

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When Open AI officially launched ChatGPT, it also began a heated war between it and Google. Well, the war continues to this day, and it appears that OpenAI wants to step on even more of Google’s toes. According to a report, OpenAI could be working on a search engine, and the company may announce it just days before Google I/O.

ChatGPT can do a lot of things, but it’s not a great search engine. Whenever you use it, you’re dealing with a finite pool of knowledge, and it can’t quite deliver search results. However, even though Sam Altman calls it “the dumbest model,” the company still holds out hope for it being much more than just a chatbot.

Rumors have been circulating for the past couple of months that OpenAI was looking to create an actual search engine surrounding ChatGPT. One source even claims that OpenAI registered the domain

Obviously, it will be a new take on the classic search engine that we’re used to with Google and Microsoft Bing. While we don’t know what the company is planning, if it does want to be a search engine powered up by ChatGPT, we surmise that it will be similar to Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE). We imagine that we will see AI-generated search results first and foremost with links to websites eventually popping up. Right now, it’s tough to say if OpenAI is indeed working on a search engine.

Rumors point to open AI announcing a search engine less than a week before Google I/O

You will want to take this news with a grain of salt. Rumors have been popping up saying that OpenAI’s planning an event to happen on May 9th. In this event, sources claim that the company will unveil its own search engine. One source, @apples_jimmy on x, says that OpenAI began hiring for in-house event staff and marketing positions back in January. They also claim that the company hired an events manager last month.

As we know, Google I/O, one of the biggest developer conferences of the year, will happen on May 14th, just under two weeks away. Well, the report states that OpenAI will host this event on May 9th, just five days prior. If so, this could greatly hinder the hype surrounding Google I/O.

@apples_jimmy even said in the post, “Guess they can’t help themselves to upstage Google I/O,” referring to how OpenAI’s announcement could potentially upstage Google’s big event.

In any case, if OpenAI is planning on making a search engine, we expect Microsoft to have a hand in developing it. The company does own the world’s second-largest search engine which is Bing. So, it’ll be interesting to see how this potential OpenAI search engine turns out.

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